A map based dead reckoning protocol for updating location information

05-Jan-2020 21:41

a map based dead reckoning protocol for updating location information-73

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The owner of an entity remembers the last time it put out an entity state PDU and also runs the dead reckoning algorithm based on that PDU.Thus, it has a copy of what all the other nodes on the network are seeing as well as the true, latest value.This choppiness can be lessened by decreasing the time between PDUs, but this approach quickly exhausts available network bandwidth in scenarios with large numbers of entities.

a map based dead reckoning protocol for updating location information-13

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.

The owning simulation compares the dead reckoning values to the true state of the entity as controlled by the player.

If the dead reckoning and true state values differ by an amount that exceeds the agreed-upon dead reckoning threshold, a new entity state PDU is sent out to update the other nodes on the net.

Last, the entity state PDU contains an identifier that tells all other nodes on the net which dead reckoning algorithm to use for this entity.

When other computers participating in the distributed simulation receive this PDU, they create local copies of the specified type of entity.The instant a player controlling an entity moves the control stick, the vehicle deviates from a smooth, algorithmically definable path.

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