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06-Jan-2020 19:22

What can be devastating to your close relationships, including your marriage, friendships and family relationships, is exploiting texting as an illusionary cloak, falsely excusing you from in person or over-the-phone self-disclosure and conflict resolution.Consequently, preventing your face-to-face relationships from strengthening and maintaining.In contrast, when there exists even a degree of relational conflict or misunderstanding, choosing to forgo communicating this in a text message, waiting to discuss in person, eliminates a large amount of easy-to-commit, miscommunication: a large precursor to conflict.This strategy encourages relationship growth in person, more accurately reading each other’s nonverbals and subtle verbal nuances, nonexistent in text messaging.For instance, texting delivers an illusion of intimacy, providing people the often favorable opportunity to limit emotional disclosure to text and emojis on a screen, dodge conflict, and evade relational connection, maintenance, and growth.

When there lacks voice inflections and tonality variations in phone call conversations and, facial emotions, body proximity, and an endless array of other nonverbals during in person discussions, a text message is forced to carry the load of the entire human message being sent. Though day-to-day texting conveniences are many, you cannot expect to completely carry this message when you’re in a routine of nearly always communicating through texting happiness of some sort, or even attempting to resolve conflict with someone you’re close with.Self-disclosure is a practice of communication where one person shares information, such as thoughts, feelings, likes/dislikes, goals, failures, about herself or himself to another.

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