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07-Aug-2020 08:30

In a time filled with cynical sitcoms and dark dramas, Parks and Recreation stood out as a beaming light of positivity, hilarity, love, and unending hope. You think you know everything there is to know about Parks and Rec? Leslie and Ron's love of breakfast foods is well documented, but there is one place in particular that Leslie loved to eat at.

She loved this place so much that they were hired to cater her wedding.

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First of all, Lowe’s acting credits date back to the late 1970s, so he had years working in show business to build up his net worth.We watched as these characters strived to show their town just how great government could be - well, not Ron, but the rest of them kind of did that. While the show started off as a ratings loser, it found its audience over time and with the addition of Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger to the show, the series really took off.