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Frisbee Golf Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ Find an existing course or set up your own on the fly!Hit golf balls at the driving range Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥ This low key activity gets you out and doing , while giving you an opportunity to easily chat up your date!While I like to think of myself as a jock who likes to show off his alpha male qualities whenever given the opportunity comes up after meeting horny women that are down for sex, at the end of the day, deep down, I’m a nerd.A geek, a tool, a dweeb, whatever you want to call me.Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲▲▲ Fit: ♥ Home cooked meal together Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥♥ It’s cheap, it’s impressive, and there’s something about working with food together that is always a great time.Geocaching mission Cost: $ Nerd: ▲▲▲ Fit: ♥♥ Think of Geocaching like a real world version of National Treasure: you’re on a real life treasure hunt, set up by other people.Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ Tossing a frisbee casually in the park Cost: $ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ Put together a picnic or go for a walk afterwards!

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Maybe you used 20 seconds of courage and talked to a stranger.

Maybe you got introduced to a friend of a friend and you’re ready to hang out with them.

I may not appear that way publicly, but my computer is my life, and outside of that, I’m almost like an alter ego of myself when I’m away from it.

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For that reason, it’s only proper that my inner dork talks to you fellow geeks about dating sites for nerds like us!We’ve ranked each date idea on a scale from 1-3 on nerdiness, fit factor, and cost. Swing dance lessons Cost: $$ Nerd: ▲ Fit: ♥♥ I promise that learning to swing dance is a lot easier than it looks.