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She notifies both Darnell and a friendly cop, Dean, but both discourage her from further investigation.

Murphy's roommate Jess tells her that she knows Murphy will try to solve the case anyway.

Jess buys a sex toy to improve her relationship with Vanessa.

Max takes Murphy to a beach, and then gives her the address.

On January 30, 2018, The CW ordered the show to pilot, with Michael Showalter set to direct. An irreverent blind woman in her twenties, Murphy drifts through life in a drunken haze.

When they do not seem inclined to investigate, Murphy clings onto the only thing that can keep her together: figuring out what happened to her friend.

Felix is nervous about addressing the students, but finds that he can connect with them when he pretends to be blind.

Murphy finds Keira's friends and learn that she's been missing school.

Joy and Hank organize a "barkery" event to raise money for the school, which Joy expects her daughter to attend.

Murphy goes to Darnell for the address, but he refuses to tell her.In the Dark is the first CW primetime series to carry Descriptive Video Service audio, though The CW, as a minor network, is not required to have any DVS provisions under the regulations for audio description for their affiliates, so the base of stations carrying that track is smaller than other networks where carriage of descriptive video is required.