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16-Apr-2020 17:35

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Even if it's only shooting glances or stopping by her table, you always got to have her on a string. So they have a pretty finely tuned defence mechanism. Brazil is not a place where you can show up, log-on to Tinder and have girls throwing themselves at you because you're a foreigner. Whereas in other Latin American countries, something as simple as having blue or green eyes can make you exotic and attractive, Brazil is different. In addition to being told I looked Brazilian, I personally saw plenty of dudes that looked like me throughout the country.

This occurred to me when my Brazilian friend in Sao Paulo was always asking me why I was ditching the girls I was approaching. Basically, approach respectfully, and if things are going well after a few songs (or whatever unit of time you're using to measure) escalate fast. That means that about the only racial group that stands out here is blonde guys. But yes, from what I saw, blonde guys did receive quite a bit more initial, superficial attention than I did (motherfuckers...).

For the most part, this practice is for members of the middle and upper classes in Brazilian society.

Women from lower classes such as poor and working-class are usually not considered suitable mates for cross-class or cross-cultural relationships or marriages and are restricted to finding mates within their own endemic class.

Further, the dynamics of these relationships are both interesting and unique.

This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. I observed the other guests, looking for a group to latch onto. I was insecure about my lack of Portuguese, and I couldn't get a good handle on the social dynamics of the place. A cute little Brazilian girl came up to the table and asked if I wanted to dance (I understood that much Portuguese, at least).