Books on dating divorced men

08-Sep-2020 11:10

If you’re going through a DO50, you’ll see that your feelings are not unique.

You’ll be able to learn from the experiences of others — their successes and their failures.

My hope is to write the dad side of this story and gather contributing single-mom writers to tell the other half.

I’m on this journey and I’d like to bring you along. My goal is to uncover the WINS and work to remove the MISSES and share those stories so that others who follow this difficult journey will have some illumination, from a previous sojourner.

Don’t make it look like you wrote my story, that’s bad form, and it doesn’t do either of us any favors. If you do that we’re going to get along fabulously.

I’m happy if my material helps you bolster and educate your clients about this awful and transformative divorce process, but please…

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Did that initial statement/conversation get your process off to a reasonable start, or did it dial up the anger and set a negative tone that lasted the entire process? Did you blame yourself and/or your ex, wallowing in negativity that builds upon itself, feeling depressed, angry, and resentful?

Though plenty of mature Divorced women are finding their sexuality reignited (see our January post “Sex and the Single Woman Over 50”), that isn’t always the case.