Carbon dating dinosaur soft tissue is usher dating anyone now

29-Oct-2020 14:19

Somewhere in the Indian ocean is thought to be where the giant asteroid struck that produced this giant wave.

More shocking is the fact that the microfossils in this sediment were dated to less than 7,000 years ago.

The sediments cover an area 2 times the size of Manhattan and are over 600 feet tall.

our research shows that all dinosaur bones tested have Carbon 14 in them which indicated that they are only thousands not millions of years old.

Since that is the case if in fact these dinosaurs died as a result of the asteroid hit at Chicxulub then the asteroid hit also only thousands of years ago!

The age of this event has varied from 800 years ago to 200,000 years ago.

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It all depends on what age determination method is used and what assumptions are made using the method.

This strata contains hundreds of asteroids which have been identified thus far.