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In addition, he continued in construction and carpentry while he had been registered at Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools.

Following his high school graduation, he joined Central Michigan University and majored in communication and nutrition. He was employed as cassette planner and a production assistant .

The pinup carpenter also hosts the Red Hot and Green and Million Dollar Rooms of HGTV. Oosterhouse started working as a magician in the tender age of 12, when he started learning carpentry for a trainee into his neighbor that had been a carpenter.

Like his carpentry, Oosterhouse set his appearances to use: He had been a version appearing in campaigns such as Nivea, Hewlett Packard, Muller Light, Bud Light and Gillette — along with his good looks have not gone unnoticed as he had been appointed among the sexist guy on TV by People magazine, Inside TV magazine and Cosmogirl. He had been interested in Carpentry he continued it during college . in nourishment and communicating from Central Michigan University.

His two brothers were carpenters and he chose to follow in their footsteps, continuing his job when he had been studying at college.

See your favorite parts of the show come alive @Southpark Mall NC between 11-5p. MPzn— Carter Oosterhouse (@carterooster) April 5, 2018For starring the function of a magician on the TLC series Trading Spaces version and TV personality, Carter Oosterhouse is renowned.