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29-Feb-2020 12:11

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One tactic frequently used is to "piggyback" the partner with bad credit as an "authorized user" on the credit card issued to the partner with better credit scores.This can also be done on a checking account or mobile phone contract.You should certainly know your partner’s financial health before applying for a credit card or taking out a mortgage together. Here’s why having that money talk is so important: More than three-quarters (77 percent) of survey respondents who are married or partnered told us they share at least one bank account.Melissa Terrio, 43, a director of college admissions in Worcester, Massachusetts, who is currently in a relationship, says she wouldn’t commingle funds with someone without knowing their financial history.

Smart couples find ways to avoid this credit score tumble by blending their finances carefully.A no-interest card offer could be just the incentive you need to rid yourself of high balances that may contribute to your low score.