Dating a hohner marine band harmonica

23-Sep-2020 13:41

In this video, we learn how to start out on the harmonica with Mike.When you start out learning, you will first need to learn the single notes that you will play on the harmonica.In this instructional harmonica video, learn which of two methods to use when playing the harmonica.There is sometimes a debate among harmonica players on which method is better to use: the lip pucker method or the tongue block method.

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Watch this harmonica tutorial video to learn how to play the harmonica one hole at a time.

How to play train songs and the fox chase on the harmonica.

(G Harmonica) The best guys for this are Joe filisko, Richard Sleigh, Grant Dermondy, Peter "Mad Cat" Ruth, and Charlie Mcoy Sonny Terry etc. Also, all the old pre war harp players that those guys got it from!

This instructional video is directed specifically at advanced beginners and intermediates.

This helpful how-to video contains some easy blues licks for the harmonica that you'll be playing in no time.

This how to video shows you the tools you will need to simulate guitar effects on the harmonica.