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Although riders like the great Coppi soon realised they could gobble up race wins with a bit of effort in the pre-season interval, in the modern office world – and one where you have to use every excuse in the bag to get away from the shackles of domestic bliss – a Saturday with the cycling/running/swimming (not forgetting that bit of the tri!) against some eager competition will substantially improve your race fitness.Wednesday could perhaps be your swim session and that just means you have to get your lazy ass out of bed before work.Yes, sometimes it is good to do some back to back days – it builds muscle endurance, your own mental resilience & focus, and importantly those 2-3 rest days you take afterwards will build your body back up much stronger.Great, an extra couple of kilos will make your quads burn up those hills [anyone reading this from London will no doubt be thinking of Highgate right now].You may even want to bring in a bit of competitiveness with other cyclists and challenge yourself to catch them!] For further reading I can recommend this piece in the WSJ – ‘A Workout Ate My Marriage‘ I particularly like the quote “The exercise widow often wakes to an empty bed […] may find dinner plans spoiled by a sudden avoidance of anything heavy before a night run.” & ‘Divorce by Triathlon’ – ‘Lonely wives, husbands and children of triathletes are out there wondering when this insanity is going to end’.Tip 1: Do the least amount of training for maximum gains in fitness When preparing for a long distance event – a century ride, Ironman, 100 mile ultra – it is not vital that you go out everyday for a ride/run/swim.

You will also risk repetitive strain injuries such as tendinitis and Chondromalacia patellae (which is a fancy way of staying runner’s knee).

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w=300&h=223" width="300" height="223" srcset=" w=300&h=223 300w, w=597&h=446 597w, w=150&h=112 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / For example: If you have a dinner, cinema date planned for Wednesday then make sure either on Monday or Tuesday you get out in the evening for a solid 3-4 hour ride; perhaps when the missus is on a girl’s night.

I’m certainly going to need it with my Deca Ironman!

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