Dating after 25 years of marriage

23-Sep-2019 06:47

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And although we don't celebrate divorce in this country, we are not afraid of it, either. Did you or someone you know divorce after a long-term marriage?

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Most problems are manageable, but then something sends them into hyperdrive.

So while infidelity is certainly the precipitating factor in some marriages failing, it's not the reason in most cases.

Why do so many long-married couples decide to split?

Sadly, and often with great affection for each other, the couple say "enough." And, yes, couples are saying that more often these days. And then, of course, we're now looking at the aging of the boomers.

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They're different from the 50-year-olds who lived before them.

But what we do know is that while questions of infidelity grab the most headlines, having an extramarital affair is not what's behind the breakup or divorce of most long-term relationships.