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26-Sep-2019 08:52

Because women want equality, except when it comes to dating.Women still expect men to approach them and make all the moves.A shy woman is normally no issue to a man, while a shy man is normally seen as unattractive to most women. Perhaps this may be true for the top 10% of men that rarely get rejected.However for the 90% of us, we fear rejection a lot.

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Ironically, women who say “I’m a traditional woman” usually don’t want to live the traditional way of a woman from the 1950’s.Women have thousands of options available to them, so they are even less likely to ever initiate any messages.As a consequence, the online world allows women to truly exercise their hypergamous nature.Some women falsely believe that men prefer to do the chasing and don’t like being asked out.

Numerous polls (including those on Anti-Feminism Australia Facebook Group) and surveys have proven that this is a myth.

I have always maintained the one issue that separates the real anti-feminist women from the rest is dating inequality.

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