Dating introduction ring tree

07-Dec-2020 20:19

In that sense, the combined approach presented in this paper can be considered as a valuable tool for land-use planners and emergency cells in charge of forecasting future events and in protecting people and their assets from the negative effects of landslides.

In landslide prone areas, tree roots resist tension, thereby increasing the shear strength of shallow soils through mechanical reinforcement (Shewbridge and Sitar, 1989; Skaugset, 1997).L’étude confirme l’apport des analyses couplées tiges/racines pour la reconstitution de la dynamique spatio-temporelle des glissements de terrain superficiels et suggère une prise en compte systématique des racines exposées dans les reconstructions futures. As a consequence, their occurrence has recently become a topic of major interest for both researchers and local administrators, especially in terms of landslide hazard and risk assessments (Magliulo ., 2008).The steadily growing interest in landslides certainly reflects the increasing awareness of the socio-economic significance of the process (Aleotti and Chowdhury, 1999) but also indicates quite clearly that human pressure on the environment is becoming ever more important for land development and urbanization (Petrascheck and Kienholz, 2003).B: View of the main scarp (SC1, dotted line) and of the landslide body.

C: DB is characterized by shallow rotational slides in its upper part.

D : La base du bourrelet frontal du glissement est sapée, à l’aval, par l’Ubaye.