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03-Aug-2020 07:12

The members do not attend or engage in discussion bc they are silenced when they have done nothing wrong or never went against these policies. Meetup claims they are against pedophilia -- but if you post an event against a public figure with ties to pedophilia -- Meetup harasses you, forbids the event, and tries to get you taken off the platform. They believe in their own perverted pedophilia-friendly agenda, and that's what they want to promote.Two years ago and then just recently my profile has been blocked and removed under their "suspected spam" when all I was doing was sending a few messages not many and sending to group organizers not members suggesting an event.My profile isn't a company or soliciting anything.Honestly, I have been too lazy to move the group...until now. They do not even try very hard to reproduce problems reported.They are raising their rates, which is not the big deal as much as I tried contacting customer service to learn more about the increase. This is what I saw; From This event is for Men ages 43-58 and Women ages 40-53. They keep making cosmetic changes to the look and feel but have not provided any new features in the last 10 years. Or perhaps it has always been it just wasn't tweeted about.

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I then reached out to customer service to get a refund and they denied me. I would avoid working with them at all cost if I were you.

Let me just give you the #Facts and by stating the facts with Meetup will automatically place in you on their $#*! I have created harmonious and enjoyable events and there were ppl who did not RSVP but had the intention to bring their negativity to a sophisticated party.