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However it is accessible to the database itself and to anyone who can own it and obtain the key/certificate/password (system administrators, hackers, what have you).

Always Encrypted is a new feature in SQL Server 2016, which encrypts the data both at rest *and* in motion (and keeps it encrypted in memory).

Config has this: I add two textboxes and two buttons to my form, to allow me to (a) enter a last name and a salary, and insert a row; or (b) enter a last name, and retrieve and display the salary. Always Encrypted provides a secure way to protect data in a particular column, in a way that is both safer and more efficient than Transparent Data Encryption.

(This is rather simplistic because, of course, in most companies there will be multiple people with the same last name. There are some limitations, though, and I talk about some of them in more depth in a recent T-SQL Tuesday post here.

This technology protects the data at rest and when the database files or backups are compromised.-- really long value ----^^^^^^^^^^ ); Now with the keys created, we can create a table that uses them.Let's say we have an Employees table, and we want to encrypt Last Name and Salary.In fact the only provider that currently works with Always Encrypted is the ADO. NET Framework 4.6 is installed on any machine that will run a client application that interfaces with Always Encrypted data.

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This tip walks through basic Always Encrypted configuration, shows some examples, and explains limitations, all based on the most recent build at the time of writing (CTP 2.2).

We want to use deterministic encryption for Last Name, because we're likely to look up an employee that way, but we can use randomized encryption on Salary, because we're highly unlikely to ever want to look up an employee because they are making ,208 (and we know we can't perform range queries in any case).

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