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The loss of transcription factor p53 is the most common genetic abnormality found in approximately half of human cancers. 2a, WMJ-S-001 exposure was associated with an increase in p53 Ser15 phosphorylation in a time-dependent manner. The full-length blot is presented in Supplementary Figure 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d (*p . p38MAPK inhibitor III, similar to SB203580, is a selective ATP-competitive p38 MAPK inhibitor previously demonstrated that SB203580 has barely effects on p38MAPK phosphorylation induced by upstream kinases. (F) Cells were pretreated for 30 min with vehicle or p38MAPK inhibitor III (3 μM), followed by the treatment with 10 μM WMJ-S-001 for another 30 min. We examined whether WMJ-S-001 induces p53 acetylation in HCT116 cells. 6b, WMJ-S-001 time-dependently increased p53 acetylation. Transfection of cells with Flag-tagged HDAC3 (HDAC3-Flag, a class I HDAC) or Flag-tagged HDAC4 (HDAC4-Flag, a class II HDAC) suppressed WMJ-S-001-induced p53 acetylation (Fig. In addition, both HDAC3-Flag and HDAC4-Flag were effective in suppressing WMJ-S-001-elevated p21 (Fig. There was a significant decrease in the number of Ki-67-positive cells in WMJ-S-001-treated HCT116 xenograft tumors compared with vehicle-treated tumors, indicative of reduced proliferation (Fig. However, no significant differences in the number of Ki-67-positive cells were found among the vehicle- and WMJ-S-001-treated HCT116 p53 xenograft tumors as compared with HCT116 xenograft tumors (Fig. We further examined the phosphorylation status of AMPK, p38MAPK and p53 in the excised HCT116 xenograft tumors. 9, The phosphorylation of AMPK, p38MAPK and p53 were elevated in HCT116 xenograft tumors from WMJ-S-001-treated mice. We recently identified a novel aliphatic hydroxamate derivative, WMJ-S-001, which suppresses angiogenesis and tumor growth in vivo.

We also examined whether p53 transactivity is increased in cells exposed to WMJ-S-001 using a reporter construct containing a p53 DNA-binding site upstream of a basal promoter linked to a luciferase reporter gene (PG13-luc). 2b, cells treated with WMJ-S-001 for 24 h had a significant increase in PG13-luciferase activity. We first examined whether AMPK and p38MAPK phosphorylation are altered in HCT116 cells after WMJ-S-001 exposure. 4a, WMJ-S-001 caused an increase in AMPK phosphorylation in a time-dependent manner. p38MAPK inhibitor III also restored WMJ-S-001-decreased cycin D1 (Fig. However, SB203580 potently inhibited p38MAPK activity as demonstrated by the inhibition of the activation of MAPKAPK-2, a specific physiological substrate of p38MAPK. The phosphorylation status of MAPKAPK-2 was then determined by immunoblotting. These results suggest that WMJ-S-001 treatment is capable of suppressing tumor growth in vivo through, at least in part, regulation of p21 colorectal cancer cells were treated intraperitoneally with WMJ-S-001 20 mg/kg/day for 20 days. Tumor volumes were calculated as described in the Materials and Methods section. In this study, we further demonstrated that WMJ-S-001 activates AMPK-p38MAPK-p53-survivin signaling cascade to induce HCT116 colorectal cancer cell death.

Hydroxamate derivatives have attracted considerable attention due to their broad pharmacological properties and have been extensively investigated.

We recently demonstrated that WMJ-S-001, a novel aliphatic hydroxamate derivative, exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activities.

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AMPK-p38MAPK signaling blockade reduced WMJ-S-001-induced p53 phosphorylation.WMJ-S-001’s actions on p21, cyclin D1, survivin, Bax were reduced in p53-null HCT116 cells.Furthermore, WMJ-S-001 was shown to suppress the growth of subcutaneous xenografts of HCT116 cells in vivo.In this study, we explored the underlying mechanisms by which WMJ-S-001 induces HCT116 colorectal cancer cell death.

WMJ-S-001 inhibited cell proliferation and induced cell apoptosis in HCT116 cells.

Cell viability was then determined by an MTT assay. Cells were starved with serum free medium for 24 h, and then incubated in serum (10% FBS)-containing medium in the absence or presence of WMJ-S-001 for another 24 h. 1f, treatment of cells with WMJ-S-001 (10 μM) significantly decreased serum-induced cell proliferation of HCT116 cells. Compiled results are shown at the bottom of the chart. WMJ-S-001’s effects on p53 and Sp1 binding to the survivin promoter region were reduced in cells transfected with AMPK-DN (Fig. The balance between protein acetylation and deacetylation is regulated by histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs). These results support a causal role of HDACs inhibition in WMJ-S-001-induced p53 acetylation and subsequent cellular events in HCT116 cells.(A) Cells were pretreated for 30 min with vehicle or anacardic acid, followed by the treatment with 10 μM WMJ-S-001 for another 24 h or 48 h. The extent of flag tagged HDAC3 and HDAC4 were determined by immunoblotting using anti-flag tag antibody. Mice were sacrificed at the end of the 20-day treatment and tissue samples were collected. 8b) were barely affected by the presence of WMJ-S-001. The full-length blot is presented in Supplementary Fig. The full-length blot is presented in Supplementary Fig. Surgical resection with adjuvant radio- or chemo-therapy is common approach in the treatment of CRC.

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