Dating women with huge breasts

03-Sep-2020 08:51

The FDA has pulled the use of these string implants, so Chelsea is one of few women who contain them today. At her current 24inches, Sharon is unhappy and prefers to squeeze down to a 22.Sharon Perkins is the owner of the largest breasts in Britain. She wears a rib-crushing corset for 12 hours a day.

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She claims to have the worlds largest augmented breasts! She doesn't plan to stop her augmentations any time soon.

She states that her large bust started developing around the age of 9.

Miss Hawkins actually has a medical condition called breast hypertrophy which causes her breast to grow at alarming rates. She has been advised by many doctors to get a breast reduction but Annie does not want to mess with nature.

We aren't even considering how much work it is and what a lifestyle change it would be to try and be them for a day.

Custom clothes and bras are just the tip of the iceberg. Part of their lifestyle must be the ogling that takes place, they probably can't step outside of their home without being stared at.

Their plastic surgeons and partners don't seem to mind, but maybe they should.