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She then offered to leave with me so we could go back to her place and fool around……riiiiiiiiiiiight. She could have offered to blow me for an hour while I drank beer and watched Sports Center and I still would have passed.This girl was hot, but it was obvious that my penis was not going to be in charge this evening.

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On my way to her house, at around PM, I called her up to make sure she was ready to go. After she had gotten off work, she decided to have some drinks with co-workers and good friends at the bar.

I called her up a few days later to set up a second date.

Since I’m not a traditional-type-of-date kind of guy, I decided dinner or a movie wouldn’t do.

Pretty soon Crazy-Pants took me aside and asked why I wasn’t myself.

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I explained that I felt out place, but she couldn’t understand why I would ever feel awkward. This girl was as dumb as bricks and socially inept if she couldn’t empathize with the disturbing situation she had put me in, so I told her I wasn’t feeling well and was going to leave.Cô được xem là thế hệ mới tiếp bước Elly Trần khi nàng hot girl đình đám ngày nào quyết định lập gia đình, sinh hai nhóc tỳ. From our ever-growing database of over 4 million members to our mobile-optimised features, video profiles and world-class security and protection measures, we are the biggest, safest and liveliest dating site devoted entirely to curvy women and the men who love them.