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16-Sep-2020 21:13

This is why you’ll find no airline pilots who think the Earth is flat (besides the fact that they the curvature of the Earth from their cockpits at work) – they account for the curvature of the Earth every day.We’ve already covered why planes don’t account for the curvature of the Earth in terms of altitude ().So we wanted to give a shout out to a popular Christian Dating site that we see often from couples when they tell us how they met.So look over the post and give them a try if you are looking for that special someone!This proves nothing, and here’s why: Over the course of 1 foot, the curvature of the Earth would change by less then 30 millionth of an inch.You cannot detect this with a level you bought at Home Depot.

Phthalates are definitely toxic in rats, where they act as endocrine disruptors.But in this case, the story was reported was perhaps even more interesting (at least to UYBFS contributors!), because it tells us a lot about how scientific information is communicated in our modern media landscape.It is a statement of implied fact: “I believe the Earth is flat.”Continue reading…

We host a lot of weddings and see how people meet here at the Black Bear Inn.In the weeks that followed, the story spread across the internet and was reported by numerous news outlets and blogs.