Expat dating brussels

15-Apr-2020 02:24

The objective of this page is to provide some information for newcomers to IRIDIA, such as Ph. students, and Brussels in general in order to make the initial couple of weeks a bit easier.

The information contained in this document has been collected by people who have been through the process.

They can help for any kind of issues you have (accommodation, health,...) and it's all for free.

For short-term accommodation (that is a place to sleep for the first couple of weeks you are in Brussels) a bed and breakfast is a convenient option.

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An alternative method is to simply walk around in the neighborhood you are interested in living in as the landlords hang out easy identifiable announcements.Expats have been charged for scratches in the bath that were there before they arrived, and for damp patches caused by the landlord's failure to repair a roof.