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18-Jun-2020 22:17

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As a result, you might see a high rate of spam and sooner or later, phishing attempts.866-460-9226 – If you are going to seek a full refund, you will need to call them.Since you did not know you signed up, you could not know to cancel the subscription before the trial period ended.You might have received an email reminder, which could easily end up in the spam folder – that is assuming you used your real email.The site uses “Website Hosts” to “stimulate conversation”. The question really is: “How did you get signed up? Your “date” sends you to a website that is advertised as a “free” verification service. Charges are deliberately hidden or hard to find using a program command called iframe. Since these scams often sign you up for multiple sites with “bonus offers”, charges can be as much as 0 .The Terms of Use state that website hosts are not real persons. The Date Verification scam site connects to a click-generating web site, which sends you to a rotating set of billing sites. The terms of use have a “free trial period.” That leads to the subscription to the branded dating site and the charges.I hear from readers quite often that they have with 2, 3, or more charges on their account.

For more information, see Staffordish Limited Company Profile.This chart will give you an idea of what is happening.Click Image to view full size It is too much to get into in this article. The charge often appears with the customer service number such as: 866-460-9226. If you did not knowingly sign up for Shine Love on Me, then you probably signed up for something that advertised as free, but in reality there were hidden or hard to find charges.

After reading this article, I encourage you to verify this information for yourself. The short gibberish name is used for discreet billing, and it is their customer service website.

A branded (also known as private label) dating site is a front end to a white label dating service company. There are two primary ways this odd looking; strange credit card charge ends up on your statement: You meet someone online, and they express interest in you.