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Many could get worried that they say the wrong thing and send a message that conveys the wrong idea, and she might not even get that you’re flirting. In addition, you have the dilemmas of choosing a topic that keeps her interested and sending flirtatious texts without them getting misconstrued as sleazy and dirty. This guide can help her see that you are the one for her.

Before you read my ten tips, you should check out an excellent book titled “Text That Girl”.

Remember how we talked about creating obstacles to escalation? See, most guys “pull” the girl all the time giving her compliments and showing her how much they like her. (Learn the Hire Her/ Fire Her Push Pull Technique in this Free Report) And now finally, here’s the 5th way to create sexual tension with a girl over text One of my favorite frames. When you blame the escalation as something that SHE is doing… They are also an example of a “pull.” You can MULTIPLY the effect of this pull-escalation by also doing a “push” called the “Take Away.” The “take away” is a form of teasing, which as you remember, means you don’t give her everything, and you “take it away”, AMPLIFYING the effect! If you want more free advanced texting-a-girl training, then you’ll want to get a copy of my Girl Doesn’t Text Back “Cheat Sheet.

it makes it A LOT easier to ram through her objections because “it’s her fault” that she’s making you feel that way/ escalate on her. Alright those are 5 ways to create sexual tension with a girl over text.

You can text her in the morning something like, Not only does this build anticipation, but it also stimulates her senses with descriptive words like aroma… When you alternate the two in a playful way, it results in flirting that creates massive sexual tension. And don’t forget: This will REALLY set you apart from every other boring and predictable guy who is chasing her 24/7 trying to get with her. The lines above should give you an idea of how to blame her for the escalation.

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