Law of superposition relative dating

06-Oct-2019 07:04

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How do we know what this extinct animal looked like?

In this chapter, you’ll find out how scientists use clues from fossils to understand Earth’s history.

The law is also applicable to volcanic formations, wherein, molten magma erupts and spreads over older flows, solidifying into a new layer.

In such formations too, each new layer formed is younger than the one below it.

The formation of the different layers of soil is a result of the erosion of rocks over millions of years.

Natural erosive agents such as wind, flowing water, etc., erode rocks, breaking off small particles from their surfaces.

The law of superposition is based on the common sense argument that the bottom layer had to laid down first.

The bottom layer because it logically had to be laid down first must be older.

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Believe it or not, you have a time portal right there in your very own backyard, which can take you way back through the ages, even all the way back to the Jurassic Era! The time portal is located right there under your own two feet.The card at the bottom of the deck is always placed first while, and as the stack gets built, the one on the top is placed last.Similarly, the topmost layer of soil is the most recent one, while the bottommost is the oldest among the different layers of soil.They are the present-day time travelers, who are able to peer through the veil of time back into the past.

Today we shall learn about one of the most important geological tools around - the 'Law of Superposition'.From this definition, it is clear that the law of superposition is concerned with the different layers of the Earth, and their respective ages.