My daughter is dating a loser

24-Sep-2020 13:18

And he also does something ultimately stupid - he sells his apartment for maybe half the price he originally paid, quit his job, convinced his wife to quit her job (she really enjoyed her job) and go to Norway as soon as possible.

He worked some physical job (picking strawberries I think) 12 hours a day, no days off, his wife cleaned homes.

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I am thrilled I don't have to dread that phone call..know the one, where she was calling to say he'd beaten her (there would have been a long line of people wanting to pull his ballstrings up through his throat, believe me), or worse, one from a coroner.

While nothing compared to some of the stories here it doesn't feel great to see my daughter move in with a high school drop out and "take a break" from college.

Luckily to you, good people have already taken care of that.… continue reading »

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