Nicole scherzinger dating james arthur

01-Apr-2020 14:58

When people come in and bring a little gift or they’re sweet, it’s nice. But he says, ‘You and Sharon really don’t care, do you? And we’ve got to keep the viewers wanting new things.“Simon even says, ‘What I love about you guys, is you guys don’t fall into that’. ’” When reminded that another former X Factor judge — Cheryl — has ended up dating a show graduate, One Direction’s Liam Payne, 24, Nicole just says: “Whatever works.” X Factor is back on ITV at 8pm tonight and has undergone a number of changes for this, the 14th series, to try to stop a ratings rot. Us, as judges, wanting new things.” Last year’s final, won by Nicole’s act Matt Terry, drew the show’s lowest ratings for a series finale.I know my worth and I know what I bring to the table. “Girls work just as hard, if not harder, and have to deal with a lot more stuff.“Boys sometimes, people be kissing their butts for no reason. Thank you’.” Nicole talks proudly about the careers of past contestants she has mentored, including Matt Terry, 24, and her 2012 winner James Arthur, 29, but she is aware she has her own pop career to focus on too.After she and Lewis, 32, split for good in 2015, Nicole was spotted snogging ex-Fulham footballer Pajtim 25, while enjoying her birthday celebrations in Mykonos, Greece.And towards the end of that year, she enjoyed a series of secret dates with Brit superstar Ed, 26, before meeting tennis ace Grigor, also 26, currently ranked ninth in the world.James performed at their wedding before the Euros this year.

IT appears TOVE LO has swapped stylists with MILEY CYRUS.But Nicole’s boss Simon told The Sun he was a “pioneer” when it came to pay, with Nicole and Sharon Osbourne, 64, earning more than fellow judge Louis.The Hawaiian-born singer also says she is a hard bargainer when it comes to negotiating her pay packet. “I came from nothing and worked very hard to get where I am.He moaned: “It was tough to get people involved in this one, because I don’t think anyone expected me to come back.” It’s little surprise Nicole was so keen to join forces.

She remained loyal to James through his downfall, encouraging him to get back into the studio and turn his career around.

In an exclusive chat afterwards, Tove said: “I was only gonna do what I usually do, a little boob peek then put my top back on.