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They don't need to know your leanings just yet, save it for the third, fourth, of fifth date. How can you make your objectively boring hobbies sound interesting enough that you stand out? Online Dating Tips for Women (By Men)1Don't hide yourself in your photos. She had to decline, because she had a class the next morning, and was also three months shy of turning twenty-one.2Show an interest in their hobbies. Ask a lot of questions and really get to know the other person. You ask about a picture of him snuggling up to a cat. He tells a story about shotgunning a beer with him. "You know that nothing's going to happen with this guy, but you're interested to see how far you can push him. All his pictures show young men standing on a beach, sitting around a campfire, or scaling a rock wall. The beanpole in the Hawaiian print swim trunks with the floppy blonde hair, or the guy with the unkempt beard and T-shirt? A girl you worked with was, and she ended up sitting through a two-hour meal with a man three times her age, a relic from the seventies wearing a half-unbuttoned silk shirt and Jeffrey Dahmer glasses. At the end of the night, he asked her over to his house for a drink. His interests include wine-tasting, DJing, and cancer research. He loves Anthony Bourdain, and was greatly affected by his death, so much so that he put up a photo of Bourdain on his profile that wasn't there a day before the man's death.You stop responding to his messages and move on.3Don't try and change a man. His profile reads like a want ad for everyone who need apply. After pounding three pomegranate wine coolers later that night, you find Sarah on Facebook.Be open to new mindsets and celebrate each other's differences. No trashy makeup, no tattoos, no heavy perfume, no high heels. You send her a message about what a piece of work her ex is, desperate to connect with someone in your drunken stupor. Oliver He gives a lot of one word answers and seems hesitant to engage in conversation, but he's nice enough. You meet up at a coffee shop and he's even quieter in person. You apologize, tell him he seems like a nice guy, but you're not interested in a second date.You don't need to spend that much time talking about your cats, they'll think you're a crazy cat lady. Maybe that picture of you at a protest last year is too political too soon.

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