Openoffice screenupdating

12-Oct-2020 00:12

Supposing, you have long data in column A, and now, you want to transpose every 5 rows from column A to multiple columns, such as transpose A1: A5 to C6: G6, A6: A10 to C7: G7, and so on as following screenshot shown. And then click Ok button, in the popped out box, please select a cell to output the result, see screenshot: 4.

How could you deal with this task without copying and pasting repeatedly in Excel?

Thank you, Regards Mark Thought it was about time I updated this post. Using a combination of both methods, I've cut down a pdf report generation and emailing macro from a run time of 4 hours to run in 8 minutes!

A macro that was looking up data from an intranet site, formatting and moving formulas around cut down from 70 minutes run time to 15 minutes.

Hi All, When fill data to Calc cells use UNO API (Java), it's take a lot time to re-calculate all formula related to the updated cell. Value = falsedispatcher.execute Dispatch(document, ".uno: Automatic Calculation", "", 0, args1())Tibor Kovacs, Hungary; LO6.1.6 on Win7-10 x64Prof.

Is there any way temporary disable the screen update & the change the calculate mode from automatic to manual like MS Excel does. Dispatch Helper")rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------dim args1(0) as new star.beans. Portable Apps, win Pen Pack: LO3.3.0-6.2.5; AOO4.1.6 Please, edit the initial post in the topic: add the word [Solved] at the beginning of the subject line - if your problem has been solved. I tried with code propose by Villeroy, the performance increased a bit (by change the Xcalculate Table to Manual).

Calculate Call Start Time ' need to keep calling the timer, as the ontime only runs once End Sub Sub Start Time() Sched Recalc = Now Time Value("") Application.

On Time Sched Recalc, "Recalc" End Sub Sub End Time() On Error Resume Next Application.

On Time Earliest Time:=Sched Recalc, _ Procedure:="Recalc", Schedule:=False End Sub Sub run_over Timetorun = Now timevalue("") application.ontime timetorun,"Refresh_all" End Sub Sub Refresh_all Activeworkbook.

XComponent x Spreadsheet Component = x Comp Component From URL(s Load Url, "_default", 0, load Props); XSpreadsheet Document x Document = (XSpreadsheet Document)Uno Runtime.query Interface(XSpreadsheet Document.class,x Spreadsheet Component); XSpreadsheets x Sheets = x Sheets(); Object o Sheet = x By Name(sheet_Estimation); XSpreadsheet x Sheet = (XSpreadsheet)Uno Runtime.query Interface(XSpreadsheet.class, o Sheet); rg Col Name = x Cell Range By Name("col Name");rg Col Name Cell By Position(x, y)Formula("abc"); ..----------------------------------------------------------------------rem define variablesdim document as objectdim dispatcher as objectrem ----------------------------------------------------------------------rem get access to the documentdocument = This Component. But when I fill data to cell, it's still update on screen.

I'm still looking for the method to freezing screen (in Java) as mentioned by B Marcelly Freezing screen is done with method lock Controllers() of the document's Model.

Then click OK, and select one cell where you want to put the result in another popped out box, see screenshot: 5.