Park bench dating ebook

29-Jul-2020 09:29

I enjoyed this graphic novel because it was able to express so much without using any words; it's 100% illustrated.As is his graphic novel Alone, The Park Bench, another graphic novel, is silent, like a Charlie Chaplin silent black and white film.From its creation to its witness to the fresh ardor of lovers, the drudgery of businessmen, the various hopes of the many who enter its orbit, the park bench weathers all seasons. Letting the story sit with me for a while was certainly a wise way to go about Chabouté's work.Though, I do have to say that for that second half I couldn't help but read through it in a whirlwind.

The same people walk past every day, a dog uses it as his favorite toilet, and other people and glimpses of their lives play out on this park bench.It's almost a wordless book, and I was entranced as I slowly turned through the pages, following the changing seasons.

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