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08-Apr-2020 08:15

And before you ask, yes, I’m in therapy for having a pregnancy fetish.

And if you’re not familiar with it, you might judge it, just like I would judge something I didn’t understand. I have a strong, primal impulse, like anyone with an addictive fetish does, and I am alway in the process of balancing it out with the practicalities of real life.

At one point, he called in sick four days in a row to stay home and make love to me.

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I found that, beyond not upsetting him, it actually turned him on, too.

I lost thirty pounds, started feeling “myself” again — going dancing, traveling, working, enjoying the company of my family — and things started to make sense.

I didn’t feel incredibly attached to my daughter, though.

I couldn’t help it, my fetish had returned, and I needed the experience of pregnancy again.

It was something greater than myself, and when I found out the news, all of my concerns were immediately erased from my mind.

When I arrived back after that week of cleansing, I felt better (better enough to put on a good front, and get into therapy), but I was not happy. Now, I am here, with a four- and two-year-old, and a handsome, still quite young husband who cares for me. Without my fetish, I am empty inside, and looking at my children only reminds me painfully what it felt like when it was good.

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