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19-Jan-2020 19:06

Otome games, or romance games aimed at a female audience, may have originated in Japan, but their appeal is finally reaching international audiences.

In the past few years, more and more games have been released in English, allowing players worldwide to date their share of handsome men.

I am not describing it very well, but the demo is fun and their previous game, Pinewood Island is an interesting murder mystery otome that I very much enjoyed. I’ve only played/read the main game, but I bought the spinoff(? I’m really torn between the characters and if I should even trust them but I love it Brash is my favorite, though I hate him for various reasons at the same time lmao. It’s too hard to pick just one and yea, it didnt look like one plus i hate kns bcoz of the whole no choices thing. But damn, Doki Doki Lirerature Club is such a cool otome book.

(I hope it’s okay that I linked their kickstarter, I’m really hoping it gets backed but I’m not affiliated with it in any way.) i don’t think it would be a issue since its related to the subject matter at hand. ) as soon as it came out in English and I’m gonna play it all when I have more time Have you played the main game too? Though I advice people to play that one before Requiem of Innocence, as the latter spoil some very big plot twists from the main game And I don’t know how it can be so underrated, honestly? For some reason i hated all the kns I’ve tried before because it felt forced lol. came out recently and i just went all oh, well, i might as well play this one first since it’s the prequel. Probably bcoz it had “innocence” on it and i just thought oh okay so this was before everything went to shit. If you plan to try it be very mindful of the warnings, because even if it starts as classic dating sim, it take a turn for the worst very abruptly and darkly.

As We Know it is an upcoming game about finding safety and love in a post-apocalyptic bunker. my heart…just…shit…everyone just, do yourselves a favor and please try it out. and yessss for demonheart as well, i know the boyz are really unhealthy relationship partners but im so down for raze man. @Elsee Aah I’m SO happy that you gave it a chance!! i kinda got really scared of raze at the middle to end parts of chapter 4 bcoz…ya know. Makes you think if he even Is it me, or is there a distinct lack of Female x Female dating sims / vns? I just read a lot of posts so maybe I’m mistaking, but no one mentionned Doki Doki Literature Club.

You get to choose a job and manage your time a bit to see different events. And you’re hyping me up so much for Requiem of Innocence haha. Everything I usually find is generic guy x girl or a absolute metric truckload of Boy Love type stuff. Now I know that there are a fair number of girls and women on this forum, and that they don’t like when a game is gender-locked (I know I don’t, but since I’m a man I feel like on Co G forum I should not complain about it too much given how some of my best Co G are male locked).

I think earlier that has been done for potentially upcoming Otome games though i cant say with certainty. soooo it reallyyy wasnt my cup of tea but when you brought it up, i was curious and surprise, surprise! Basically i just got it on a whim and had no particular expectations. Some themes may also not be suited (I know one of them really struck home in my case).

Edit Though if your truely concerned you can ask a mod Oh my god. Because of your suggestion, i tried playing the house on fata morgana: Requiem of innocence and holy shiiiit. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT AND I WOULD FIGHT ANYONE WHO WOULD TARNISH IT! I sincerly recommend you this game for four and a half reasons: Okay so for the last half reason (I realized as I wrote it that I have no idea if it’s valid for others), but there are very very few mentions of the protagonist being a boy.

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Though maybe Winter Wolves will release something that redeems them in my eyes soon then.From memory I can recall only one occurence a the start.