Psychology of dating online

18-Sep-2019 13:32

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For those unfamiliar with the term, a casual encounter is 9 times out of 10 a polite way of referring to a quickie – fast and hot sex anytime, anyplace.For those who are familiar with the term, you’re likely a frequenter of casual sex sites.Using these dating sites can ensure that you find a mate, and quickly.The women on this site are more likely to be real and interested in a relationship or hooking up than other sites. While we can’t for sure say that all other dating sites not included are scams as there are more than 100 dating sites on the market, the likelihood that you are using a scam dating site is increased by not using one of the above sites. One common tactic used by fake and scam dating sites is fake account creation.After creating profiles on all 100 website, we sent out two contact emails per day for a span of three months.After this period, we looked at the number of actual date offers and responses to the emails sent out.

Some testing dating sites saw no responses received – and we don’t think this is a coincidence.

They try to find a mate to either romance or hookup with, but they don’t get responses.

They reach out to women online and end up with more missed connections than actual responses. Here’s the reality: we tested over 100 dating websites that offer serious relationship services to people in the US.

Men see pictures and personal ads from gorgeous women and sign right up.

Remember those archaic Internet popup ads that used to blare out in blinking letters HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA?

We had a theory for why this kept happening to countless men and decided to test it using a scientific method study. Many casual encounter sites out there are simply scams trying to get men’s money.