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11-Jan-2020 05:11

So let's say laziness and a lack of attention to detail - especially if it's my own laziness and lack of attention to detail. Usually I'm more interested in real people than celebrities, but I'd like to get to know those famous people who don't give much away.... Favourite place on the Yorkshire Coast: I can't narrow it down to one, so I'll do you a list.

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Real Radio Wales has now been split into two separate stations following the changes, by providing localised programming from Cardiff and Wrexham respectively.I lived in Leeds for 12 years and married to a Leeds lad, I love some of the lingo!Here in E Yorks we say 'waint' for wouldn't for example! wi leave us t 'n' h outa everythin, on 'oliday recently people commented that a 'old ma vowels on, like when i say no, ad say noooo, also perfect english is do not other people say don't, but us in Yorkshire say dote.p.s i tried to right that as i was saying it in my west yorkshire accent My mum is Lancastrian, she came to Yorkshire when she was 12 years old.I wish i could explain more, but it was interessting reading, i just had to share. Seethee, often used to start a statement,eg 'seethee, al tell thee sumat tha dunt know'.

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Anyone help me with "belinders" as in "ma cums wi rollin pin, pa wi belinders"Good site, what about the W Yorks term to 'cal'meaning chat?

I'd like to include a Yorkshire phrase or sentence, something kind of hard to translate for someone that doesn't really speak it. When I was a kid my Grandpa used to put me on his shoulders and say a rhyme. Hast tha seen our Marys Bonnet, its a stunner and no mystak, yella ribbons yella roses n a great big feather hung downt back.