Sex stories chatroom

17-Jan-2020 22:22

After a long kiss, we parted and he said, "let's go to the bedroom." He took my hand and led me to his room and to his bed.For over four hours, we kissed, sucked, rimmed, and fucked each other.I couldn't believe that my dad was gay and having sex with Greg.As I pulled out my cell phone rang, and it was Brad. Greg is over at a friends for the night and I was wondering if you could stop by." "You better believe I can. Just leave the door unlocked and be in bed naked and waiting." "Damn, I'll be glad to.

We agreed to meet at a park and get to know each other before jumping in bed. However, it will be weird being around your father knowing I've had sex with his son." "I know.It's all muscle as I work out a minimum of three times a week. I began chatting with a few married guys, as I love sex with hot married men cheating on their wives.After a while, I left that room and went to the chat room for my city and state. Suddenly, I received a private chat from a man bu the chat name of ' Div-Dad'.I was really curious now so I parked in a dark area and waited.

A few minutes later a familiar car pulled up in front of the room.I quickly checked his profile and found he was thirty-nine years old.