Stat tracker not updating

17-Apr-2020 02:18

We just use open logs, available to every user, from App Data directory.Also we don't have any sort of in-game support tools, so it can't be called cheating. Also, app code is digitally signed, publisher is trusted.I also read something about messing around with ports within the router (and I did not do that because I have no idea what to do) but that was NOT NECESSARY (as stated before, because I can't repeat that enough, it was working until two days ago without me having to make anything with ports within the router).

I have no problem viewing my stats for the game, but the Ubisoft Club will not accept that I completed the action.

Using another destiny stat tracker my elo placing is around 200th: Beast The Duck/9But in destiny tracker im placing around 2000: Beast The Duck I know the formula is different but more than a 1000 places?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this issue, but I could use some help.

We're also working on more, and those updates will all go on the detailed view.

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At least nothing that is (to me) directly connected to torrents.