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This time; common faults and all-round advice Ian Mitchell was so inspired he bought the scrambler version.And then immediately started modifying it This time; an intro, and engines Skyteam ACE We admit it.Members benefit from discounts on classic bike insurance and from leading triple specialists. To round off the Month we visited the Berkshire TOMCC custom and classic show at a new venue this Year but still the same quality show great food and a varied selection of bikes on display, we were unlucky in the raffle but still managed to walk away with the award for best club turnout.Attendance at Club nights has been a bit up and down this Month possibly due to the weather, the 12th saw 7 of us at Triumph Day at the Ace with the Club Stand and despite the poor weather there was a good turnout of bikes, Dave Lilley brought the new T along and it looks a superb machine. The weight is pounds higher than, say, that of a Meriden T Bonnie circa , but feels only slightly heavier.The club takes pride in encouraging members to ride and participate in rallies, runs, local meetings, and other charitable events, with the Beezumph Rally being the highlight of the club’s annual calendar.

The TR3OC’s P1 – open day, London Motorcycle Museum The excellent club magazine ‘Triple Echo’ is published on a bi-monthly basis, and contains regular features on technical issues, events, archive material, queries, new products, members ads and lots more.Autumn and winter can get a bit depressing, especially when you put the clocks back eagerly awaiting Spring time and the start of the Club events calendar.The Cheshire and Staffs area seem to be getting out and about as they increase attendances and The Hull and East Riding area have a run planned for November.dating certificate from the TOMCC for my Triumph Bonneville TR it arrived today.It is nice to have additional provenance on “My Old Girl” Other Motorcycle: HD Road King Police I’m glad someone got something from the TOMCC. The new TR4 is often unjustly called a re-bodied TR3A but there were differences such as a wider track, rack and pinion steering, all synchromesh gearbox and standardization of the 86mm bore engine. The old cam and lever steering was discarded in favour of rack and pinion similar to that fitted to the Triumph Herald.

Many early TRs have been retro fitted with this system; indeed there are even kits available to enable you to fit the later steering as it improves the feel and weight.Matching numbers machine with all the Swedish documents in order so if it sells in the UK you’ll be the first owner and we’ll help with the process so it’ll be trouble-free.