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08-Jul-2020 16:48

But as you note, the back-of-the-box features that are there this year aren’t very exciting for the second year in a row, whereas many of the criticisms of systems introduced over the past three or four years remain.

I agree with you about 2014 being a good year, despite adding nothing as major as Classic (now Touch) mode.

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Are you after the latest Football Manager 2016 Transfer Update with the latest transfers from the most recent January Transfer Window or Summer Transfer Window?The stats still seem opaque to me in terms of how they affect your ability to accomplish things in game, for example.Press conferences and player dealings still seem limited in terms of their reflection of the current game state and your ability to express yourself through them.Adam: It’s definitely one of those years that plays into the argument against annual releases. From a distance, it looks like the last significant addition was the new Classic mode, which is a more streamlined approach that lets managers play through a season without dedicating half of their waking hours to press conferences and transfer negotiations. It consolidated a lot of the tactical instructions and emphasised that management was about communicating with players – by providing them with roles and instructions – rather than ticking boxes on spreadsheets.

It felt like a much more human game than its predecessors.Football Manager 2016 [official site] is out this Friday, but before we publish our review, Adam and Graham decided to gather in the RPS dugout to discuss this year’s tactics, transfers and press room meltdowns.