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01-Feb-2020 08:17

The transaction tables are the F4211 (open orders) and F42119 (order history), so a union is required.So, I need to do an update based on the following select statement which returns the proper data: select sum(cast(sdaexp as numeric)) sumaexp, sum(cast(sduorg as numeric)) sumuorg, sum(cast(sdecst as numeric)) sumecst from PRODDTA.The basic layout of the table (F5542HIS) is as follows (* indicates index): *NSAN8 (sold_to) *NSSHAN (ship_to) *NSMCU (sold_from) *NSITM (item) *NSCTRY (Century) *NSYR (year) *NSMNTH (month) *NSDCTO (Order Type) *NSLNTY (Order Line Sales Type) NSAEXP (Total Extended Price) NSSOQS (Total Units Shipped) NSECST (Total Extended Cost) On my first pass of the script, I populate the table with the primary index values (indicated by the * above).On the second pass, I need to do an update to this table to populate the summation values from my transaction tables.Remote Cloning of a Non-CDB is a simple procedure which utilizes a database link to transfer the data as part of running the a pre-requisite that both the CDB and the non-CDB must be running Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( or later.In this article, I will demonstrate hot cloning of a remote non-container ASM database (non-CDB) to create a new pluggable database (PDB) with file system storage in Oracle Database are migrating our PRODUCTION database from MSSQL to Oracle 11G.

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There's a chance of the parent not existing before the child. To update the product table, I'd do a correlated update like: Oracle SQL: Update a table with data from another table I want to populate products 123 and 456 with the parent id 789 and set 123 and 456 to processed = 'T' in the product parent relation batch table. Am I forced to do this in an application, where I query for all non-processed batch records that have a matching prd_id with an existing product record, execute one individual update statement for the product table and another for the relation batch table, for all applicable records?You can also perform more complicated updates in Oracle.

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