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YUM is the command line software used to install the software within Cent OS and Fedora.If you would prefer a more graphic solution choose the YUM Extender instead.Imagine that this program requires an email service to actually send the email.If you delete the email service the program that monitors the folder will be rendered useless.In this case, you must restart the server manually after the upgrade.Interoperability with operating system native My SQL packages.YUM is to Cent Os and Fedora what apt-get is to Debian and Ubuntu. Reading the manual page states that YUM stands for "Yellowdog Updater Modified".

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The official Cent OS repositories contain thousands of RPM packages which can be installed using the yum command line utility.

However, if you have to upgrade My SQL using the RPM packages downloaded directly from the My SQL Developer Zone (see Section 2.5.5, “Installing My SQL on Linux Using RPM Packages from Oracle” for information on the packages), go to the folder that contains all the downloaded packages (and, preferably, no other RPM packages with similar names), and issue the following command: instead makes the installation process more prone to failure, due to potential dependency issues the installation process might run into.

For an upgrade installation using RPM packages, the My SQL server is automatically restarted at the end of the installation if it was running when the upgrade installation began.

If you boot into the new tree and determine that something is wrong, you can invoke .

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One of the major goals of the OSTree project is that operating system content should be versioned and integration tested together.

The command out of the package yum-utils compares the mapped libraries of the running processes with their counterparts on disk and list processes with out of date copies in memory.