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The next morning, Niko wakes up in the safehouse in Bohan, in the old clothes he was wearing when he arrived in Liberty City. " Soon, Niko will receive a call from Little Jacob, and the last mission will start when you meet him and Roman at Koresh Square in Alderney . If you chose Revenge, Roman will phone and say that he is sorry and, if it is a girl, will name their child Kate, and Niko says he will make a good father.

After she gets into a car, she will no longer do this.

If Niko arrives at the wedding with no suit, he will be instructed to get one.

Roman tells Niko to call an ambulance, but Niko, knowing that Kate's been killed, shouts out that she is dead.

Roman tells Niko he should not blame himself, but Niko, enraged and downhearted, shouts that he can because she's dead, and gives Roman a shove.

If Kate is killed before the wedding, the mission will fail.