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20-Jun-2020 10:58

As long as the validation window is still open, when you click the tray icon again and select "script paused" to unpause, the script should pick right back up.9) When the script finishes, it will automatically exit (and its tray icon will disappear).

Check your logging directory for a list of games that validated without issue.

It will then determine all games you have installed and, one by one, automatically run them through validation, logging the amount of time validation took and taking a screenshot of the results of the validation into the log folder.

(Unfortunately, I couldn't just put the validation results into the log file, as Valve does not use standard Windows controls that let me access the text inside the Steam windows to read what the results were, so a screenshot of each result was about as good as I could do.

Validation Blacklist Recommendations In my testing, here are the games I ran across in my library that caused issues and that I recommend to be placed in the validation file in the script / exe directory.

Only place the number in the file, one per line (not the game name):15620 - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 - brings up an uninstall prompt when validated20570 - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising - same220240 - Far Cry 3 - Launched game19900 - Far Cry 2 - Launched game50130 - Mafia 2 - brings up uninstall prompt when validated50620 - Darksiders - brings up an uninstall prompt when validated Script Download.au3 script version - requires Auto IT3 installed to run, but you can read the script and know exactly what you're running (and those who want to build upon and improve this)Self-contained executable - for those who just want to get to validating and don’t want to know what the script is actually doing (or don't want to install Auto IT3) Note: some AVs flag this as a virus because it uses Auto IT, which many script kiddies use.

So, taking a page from TF2, I put on my Engineer hat and went to work to write a script that would completely automate the validation of all installed games.

Disclaimer Before we get into the meat of it, I have to do the standard disclaimer thing, because people are crazy out there and sue for anything :-) While I've tested this a number of times on my own library, there are a number of games that should not be validated due to the way they deliver their files.

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The program will try to automatically detect this for you and place you in the directory automatically, but no guarantees that it will.:-)7) Now, sit back and watch (again, I would recommend against using your computer, as the wrong window might be closed if you click at just the right time as the validation hits 100% for a game, or you might cover up the screenshot of a game's validation results) as your games start validating one by one.The validation window for a game should come up, validate, and then automatically close.If you have 400 games installed, you'll have the one log file, plus a screenshot for the validation results of each game (401 total files).

So I would recommend just choosing your desktop, if you don't want a very messy desktop to cleanup when you're done.Then paste in, one per line, the list of Steam IDs to skip, for example:15620 20570 220240 19900 50130 50620I have provided some below as an example in the "Validation Blacklist Recommendations" section but if this utility is used by the community, hopefully there will be more posts in this thread to help others avoid games that won't silently validate, and you can add those games mentioned by other users as well.4) Open Steam and finish logging in.