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13-Sep-2020 06:05

Singer Rihanna’s abuse by boyfriend Chris Brown is just one example as then 19-year-old Rihanna made her history of physical abuse at the hands of Chris Brown known to the world. In most cases it starts much earlier before it develops into full-fledged violence, and in some tragic instances, death.

A 16-year-old verbally abusing and emotionally controlling his girlfriend after class might make for a less dramatic mental image than our glamorous celebrity examples, but it doesn’t deserve our attention any less.

We encourage adults to learn from their wisdom and lived experiences, supporting their pursuit of social justice in their communities.

This February, we’re asking young people to share their peer organizing strategies to prevent dating violence and advocate for healthy relationships.

Social justice organizations can follow the lead of youth during Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month (this February! In this video, Prevent Connect’s Tori Vandelinde & Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez share inspiration from across the country, discussing how youth have used their creativity, passion, and expertise to prevent sexual and dating violence.

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What’s more, many victims of domestic violence report having been first abused between the ages of 11 and 17.

The newly revised edition contains updated details on digital abuse, fresh stories and additional resources.

The first of its kind, the college curriculum educates students about the dangers and warning signs of dating violence, offers lessons specifically on abuse via technology and provides resources where college students can find help on campus.

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Educating young people about healthy relationships is critical to preventing dating abuse.

It is designed for use by domestic violence or rape crisis centers that work with youth in schools.