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For larger pens, 1” gaw wire is used rather than expensive hardware cloth.

Installing 2” netting as a top for your pen will provide some protection as well against raptor type birds, and also prevent ground animals from crawling up the side wire and easily entering the pen.

It also sells tens of thousands of day old game bird chicks, and ships them nationwide.

Through its 40 years of existence, the team at Oakwood Game Farm has become familiar with a variety of ways to protect game birds from predators.

It also is important to plant ground cover in your pen to protect your birds from extreme weather and again from raptors.

It is important to plant something like corn or sorghum as these plants provide a stalk that is difficult to knock down as birds move through it.

Produced by the Highway Safety Foundation in 1964, this shocking film deals with a subject quite taboo for its time.

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Oakwood Game Farm specializes in raising Chinese Ringneck Pheasants and Chukar Partridges for training dogs and to populate private lands and shooting preserves.

Whatever your predator problem, properly installing Nite Guard Solar lights will deliver a swift solution.

Learn more about raising and protecting game birds from Oakwood Game Farm.

I'm 47 and it's made me feel weird, god knows what it did to kids back in the day!

My mother taught me safety from going with strangers.

Bury the galvanized wire mesh 12” – 20” into the ground around the flight pen’s perimeter.

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