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(TV-14 L) is an eight-episode original limited series that follows three very different Chicago families as they journey toward hope and healing after a tragedy causes them all to consider how race and racial biases affect their lives.

On the north side of Chicago, Daniel Calder is a high school history teacher mourning the death of his husband, an African American doctor who was shot, while unarmed, by a white cop.

Such a strategy would make even more sense if, as expected, CBS and MTV’s parent company Viacom go through with a merger.

Of course, even with a smarter distribution strategy and better marketing, it’s possible to settle for Nielsen scraps. In the summer of 2000, CBS imported a hit Dutch reality show in which strangers lived together in a house while viewers watched and decided who stayed or went home. Yet CBS stuck with it, bringing in new producers and modifying the format.

As Daniel tries to comfort their grieving daughter, Jira Calder-Brennan, the two butt heads when she decides she needs more support than her father can provide.

She seeks the understanding of someone who knows what it’s like to grow up as a young black woman, and searches for her birth mother to learn more about her personal history, culture and community.

Indeed, the first season of the show (or “series,” as seasons are called in Britain) drew barely a half-million viewers on ITV2; the recently concluded fifth cycle of the show drew as many as six million viewers per episode, including DVR replays.

While it’s hardly a given the same pattern will repeat itself here, a second season could grow substantially — if CBS puts the right marketing effort behind the show.

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also featured a cast from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, and while it was, like most network TV dating shows, focused on heterosexual relationships, one of the season’s breakout stars was Kyra Green, a bisexual woman.Daniel seeks comfort in his colleague—and Jira's teacher—Liam Bhatt.On the south side, Tia Young scours news of the shooting, torn between her political ambition of running for Alderman and risking it all to comfort the daughter she gave up for adoption as a teen.Though the network hyped the show heavily on its own air and mounted a decent-sized social media ad campaign, industry insiders outside CBS suggest the network didn’t spend nearly enough selling the show on young-skewing cable channels (such as MTV) or websites.

The problem wasn’t that audiences rejected ; those who watched the premiere mostly stuck with the series.

Instead of the usual reality-show stock music, it was jam-packed with recognizable tunes, from current hits by Lil Nas X and Lizzo to past blockbusters from Taylor Swift and REO Speedwagon.