Web page not updating firefox

22-Dec-2019 13:38

Follow these links to learn more about managing extensions in Chrome and Mozilla.

Below are a few popular extensions that have caused issues in the past for some Teachable users: Sometimes a slow internet speed can cause problems on your Teachable school.

To restart a PC using Windows 10, open the start menu and then click Power.

From there, select the Restart option from the submenu.

To restart a Mac/Mac Book, select the Apple menu and click Restart.For more information on updating Firefox, continue here.When browsing online, web browsers store, or “cache”, website data (like images and scripts) as a way to improve your experience.If disabling the extension stops the issue, you can pinpoint the extension as the culprit and either remove it, or keep it disabled while using Teachable.

Disabling an extension will turn it off without removing it, while deleting an extension will remove it entirely.

By default, Firefox is set to update automatically.

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