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16-Oct-2020 09:38

He said that Pete has the biggest cock he's ever seen anywhere.Pete Doherty's manager has denied reports the troubled singer has started dating the 'new Kate Moss', model Portia Freeman.He tried to kill Ariana after she discovered how messed up he was.And then he had that infamous suicide attempt the night of the SNL Christmas show in an attempt to guilt Ariana, which had her rushing down to Rockefeller Center to see him and he refused even see her. One of the guys who works at SNL said he was peeing next to Pete at the urinal and looked down and saw his cock.He is having regular counselling sessions and has been advised not to jump headfirst into any relationship.

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That's why homeboys relationships move so fast and why they never last. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who had never heard of her. Quite a downgrade to go dip it in some no-name fuggo actress after sampling Frankie Grande's half sister.[quote]just wait until they're triggered by the prospect of abandonment.

She is a very clean-living girl and not at all into drugs," they say.

"He is trying to stick with his rehab programme and trying to stay clean.

The two – reportedly – single ladies have been talking about setting up an exclusive dating club together. He has described her as the "female Libertine" and has "been writing lyrics and poems about Cara and says he wants her in his next music video."Unsurprisingly people close to the Burberry model are not keen on letting the relationship flourish.

A source told the mag: "It'll be a disaster for Cara if she hooks up with Pete."Cara's mum - a recovering heroin addict herself - and sisters must be furious about it.

Cara Delevingne has been compared with super model Kate Moss for many reasons, her rock and roll style, and her ubiquitous presence on the fashion scene but now her taste in men may be another factor.

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