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Momentum = mass x velocity Kinetic Energy = 0.5 x mass x velocity2 If momentum equals zero, the only logical thing to assume is that the velocity equals zero.If the velocity equals zero for momentum, the velocity for your kinetic energy formula is also equal to zero.This implies a change of direction and thus having a velocity around the centre and an acceleration acceleration due to centripetal force that makes a body follow a curved path.Eben without this the body is orbiting the sun with the same impact Yes.When velocity is constant there is no change in velocity, if there is no change in velocity then is no acceraltion. : a car traveling at a constant speed of 40m/s Velocity is relative to the observer and or objects that are in the area , if your sitting in true zero gravity from your point of view you will be standing still but in-reality your velocity will based on your original thrust.

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On Earth a body on a table is still rotating around the centre of the Earth.

An object moving at constant velocity has zero acceleration. If the velocity equals zero, the acceleration is also zero because the velocity hasn't changed, thus, the particle isn't accelerating anywhere.

The constant velocity van be any constant including zero velocity. This is not exactly true; at an instant in time the acceleration can be non-zero while the velocity is zero.

However, this would change the velocity to non-zero after any amount of time.

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An example of this is when you throw a ball into the air: at it's highest point, the velocity is zero (it changes from going…

Anything multiplied by zero is zero, so kinetic energy would be zero if momentum is zero. When a ball is thrown up in the air there is a moment, when the ball reaches its maximum height, the velocity of the ball is zero, and acceleration due to gravity still exists [downwards].